Our Edge in the Market
ServUrite Services is a network of professionals dedicated to offering you the highest level of support for all of your facilities needs. Not only do we say what we do, but we work everyday to anticipate your requirements, respond to your requests and deliver service that goes far beyond the expectations of our customers. This unique approach to delivering beyond what is promised every time, every day has made us the premiere service company in the industry. From the head of our company to your daily service technicians, our people, our system, and our way of doing business enable us to provide you with the most reliable and dependable service. This assures that your facilities are presentable, professional and always reflect the highest standard of excellence possible for your business.

Our People Make the Difference
To assure that your needs are met each an every time, we begin by developing a team to service your unique requirements, from account representatives, to customer service personnel, to field technicians. Once we identify your requirements, we match you up with our appropriate network service providers to meet your needs. All of our associated service companies are vigorously screened, trained and certified to assure that they deliver and maintain our high level of service each and every day. All service companies, associates and individual technicians first prove themselves as reliable, professional and dependable before setting foot in your facilities. And all of them continue training and qualifying to meet our high level of standards at all times. You can be assured that if they show up to perform work on behalf of ServUrite Services, they will provide the highest level of service possible, every day, every time.

Our System Has Been Proven
ServUrite Services has become the premier provider in the industry by initiating and maintaining an uncompromising system of checks and balances that assures you the best possible service program, from up front development through customer service all along the way. Over time, we have proven that our system provides the results and responsiveness our customers have come to expect. We prove it every day all across the United States for customers from the smallest operation to the largest corporate facilities - always with an eye for top quality and an unwavering standard of excellence.

Our Technologies Dedicated to Supporting Your Needs
From your account team at our headquarters to your local account representatives, every ServUrite staff member uses the latest in communications technology to assure our standard of excellence and respond in a timely manner to all of your needs. From our proprietary system that monitors service quality and delivery, to a flexible system of service scheduling, through our "instant-feedback" internet monitoring system, you can be assured that our technologies and communications systems are working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Overlaying this system of communication check and balances, is a team of account managers that provides you with the personal touch and the "get it done" approach to service that our customers have come to expect over the years. All account managers perform regular training courses to our service vendors and travel to all customer facilities to perform quality assurance testing. This included extensive interaction with our customers to constantly improve the quality of service, verify every detail of our contracted programs and work to improve the level of service provided. All information is gathered and recorded, with detailed checklists, customer input forms and photographic records. These reports and quality assurance checklists are always available to our customers for review, input and improvement.

Our Interactive System for Customer Input and Response
In addition to our extensive system of checks and balances, ServUrite Services has developed an unparalleled system of input and response for you to provide us with interactive communications and assure the most timely response to your needs possible. From your account representative to your field technicians, all ServUrite staff members understand your unique needs and always work vigilantly to provide you with the best service, as well as respond to your changing needs on a timely basis. We listen to your input and revise our service schedules, specific services and delivery options to meet your needs.

We provide you with an array of ways to manage our service to you by offering and number of programs, including your own account representative that heads a team of service technicians dedicated to providing your with the best possible service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These team members are backed by an electronic account tracking and monitoring system that gathers and maintains records on all aspects of your servicing needs. This system is accessible to our customers at all times, from contract signing to account servicing to final invoicing. You can also monitor your account services through our dedicated web access system (coming online by the end of 2006) to view your account status, review specific checklists of services, and even review digital photographs of the services that have been performed in your facilities.

You can also count on us to be responsive to your changing needs as they arise and react immediately to any emergency maintenance needs as they occur. Should you experience an emergency, you will always be able to reach a customer service representative immediately and be assured that our field technicians will be on-site to address your problem as soon as possible, usually within the hour. Regardless of timing, we put you in direct contact with the responding team immediately and monitor the situation every step of the way until you are returned to normal operating status. We won't rest until you are satisfied that everything is under control.

Our Approach to Your Bottom Line
At Servurite, we begin with your unique needs and tailor a program to meet those needs in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. In every initial proposal, we provide a number of different budgetary options so that you may choose the best possible solution to meet your needs. Because we are a national services company, we negotiate aggressively with our local service providers, suppliers and other vendors to secure the most competitive rates available. We then pass these savings along to you, to assure that you are receiving the best possible value for all services, supplies and contracted maintenance needs. In addition to offering aggressive rates on all service, our account managers specialize in identifying additional efficiencies and unique service approaches that can save you additional costs across the full facilities maintenance spectrum.

You will also find that our efficient system of monitoring, reporting and responding to your needs will save time and money every step of the way. This assures that your staff will spend less time dedicated to maintenance and more time spent on doing the business they were intended to do.

Let your partners at ServUrite Services demonstrate the most efficient and effective way to maintain the high level of professionalism you demand. We look forward to serving your needs in the best manner possible. Every day, every time.